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Leverage browser caching for the following URLs:
  • /template/xbwseo09/images/icon.png -> expiration not set
  • /template/xbwseo09/images/ph.gif -> expiration not set
  • /template/xbwseo09/images/so.gif -> expiration not set
  • /template/xbwseo09/images/tagleft.gif -> expiration not set
  • /template/xbwseo09/images/xd.gif -> expiration not set
  • /template/xbwseo09/js/jquery-1.3.1.js -> expiration not set
  • /template/xbwseo09/js/jquery.mwxs.js -> expiration not set
  • /template/xbwseo09/style/ningmp.css -> expiration not set
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  • /template/xbwseo09/images/icon.png could be reduced by 49.2KiB (91%)
  • http://n.sinaimg.cn/translate/20170222/VO1w-fyarrcf5441549.jpg could be reduced by 41.7KiB (59%)
  • http://photocdn.sohu.com/20170323/Img484417911.jpg could be reduced by 30.6KiB (89%)
  • http://inews.gtimg.com/newsapp_bt/0/1863656555/641 could be reduced by 19KiB (22%)
  • http://n.sinaimg.cn/translate/20170801/eyBT-fyinvwu4144567.jpg could be reduced by 14.5KiB (25%)
  • http://inews.gtimg.com/newsapp_bt/0/1863676772/641 could be reduced by 1.2KiB (35%)
  • http://inews.gtimg.com/newsapp_bt/0/1864757240/641 could be reduced by 1.2KiB (35%)
  • http://inews.gtimg.com/newsapp_bt/0/1865894302/641 could be reduced by 1.2KiB (35%)
Page rendering is blocked by some of the files
  • /template/xbwseo09/js/jquery-1.3.1.js
  • /template/xbwseo09/js/jquery.mwxs.js
  • /template/xbwseo09/style/ningmp.css
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Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Metropolitan Zone: Mongkok
Post or Zip Code: Not defined
Latitude: 22.3167
Longitude: 114.1667

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